BOLT! Hits 2 Million Subscribers

Jakarta June 28th, 2016 – BOLT!, pioneer of 4G LTE service in Indonesia, today announced its fastest achievement of acquiring two million customers, which indicates the great interests of customers in BOLT!’s best 4G LTE service in terms of speed, coverage and value. In the middle of fierce competition of 4G service, BOLT! has strengthened its position by consistenly providing high speed and stable mobile Internet experiences with Ultra Benefits.

“We are proud of being the first 4G operator in Indonesia, and we are really glad to have 2,000,000 customers in just over two years. But this is still start of our journey. More and more 4G smartphones are now available in the market and mobile internet users are expanding rapidly, so we still see the huge opportunity of our growth. This year we are focusing on inventing the innovative ways in product and service offering as well as providing more and more speed to our customers for their further satisfaction,” said Billy Abe, Chief Product Officer BOLT!

As part of such innovation, recently BOLT! has launched three new services. The first service is Ultra Starterpack, the new starterpack with 14GB quota bonus. In the past BOLT! only supported a few top brands of smartphones, on the other hand more and more 4G smartphones are available in the market, therefore BOLT! has decided to just open and support almost all 4G smartphones in the market. "We strongly believe that potential customers will really like our BOLT! 4G Ultra LTE service once they have a chance to try it. We are the sole 4G-only operator, which means that customers are able to use full 4G at anytime and anywhere and any devices. Any customers who realize the benefit of our 4G service cannot go back to use other mobile internet service," added Billy.

Secondly, BOLT! officially launched its Ultra Unlimited internet package, without the quota limitation in last May. The response from market is beyond expectations, on the other hand there has been a strong request from not a few customers for further speed, so BOLT! just launched new Ultra Unlimited package with the speed up to 50 Mbps with monthly payment for a Rp499,000 in addition to previous Unlimited package with the speed up to 20 Mbps with monthly payment for a Rp249,000.

Thirdly, to address on huge demand on video streaming service, BOLT! launched the Super Streaming package. Customers will get 3GB main quota that can be used 24 hours a month plus 1GB quota bonus, with a total of 33GB monthly, which can be used for streaming video on Youtube, Netflix, and First Media X.

In addition to those innovative services, along with the moment of Ramadan, BOLT! held a breakfasting themes Enjoy Extra Ordinary Month with Extra Ordinary Internet at Bekaresto in Jakarta. In this event, BOLT! announced THR (Tawaran Heboh Ramadan) and Lebaran programs as a form of wholehearted service to address the needs of consumers on internet.

THR (Tawaran Heboh Ramadan) program addresses to postpaid consumers who want to subscribe high speed Unlimited service with two months free benefit. This package will be limited to only credit card holders of Mandiri Bank. For customers who want to try the Unlimited service, BOLT! provides Lebaran promo program for regular postpaid consumers with Unlimited 9 Days package. This package is available at Rp99,000 only during from July 1 to July 3, 2016.

On the other hand, customers now can directly purchase prepaid data plan at convenience stores such as Indomaret, Alfamart, Alfamidi, Alfaexpress, and Lawson and customers can be awarded 8GB bonus quota at maximum at their every purchase until July 15, 2016.