BOLT Introduces its First 4G+ Customized Starter Pack “Pilih Suka-Suka”, and Ultra-Combo Package

Jakarta, April 2nd 2018 – Pioneer 4G LTE services in Indonesia, BOLT introduces its First 4G+ Customized Starter Pack (SIM Card) “Pilih Suka-Suka”, and Ultra-Combo Package. 4G+ Customized Starter Pack Pilih Suka-Suka offers simplicity for consumers and retailers through a single card to accommodate the increasingly diverse internet users’ profiles. Applicable for both Pre-paid and Postpaid packages. While Ultra-Combo easy & affordable package offers 5X quota for social butterflies for Pre-Paid Smartphones and Mobile Wi-Fi devices.

Billy Abe, Chief Product Officer BOLT said, “Our first 4G+ Customized SIM Card Pilih Suka-Suka is a service solution to address both diverse customers’ needs and provide convenience for retailers to provide any of our 4G packages options in a single card. With 4G+ Customized Starter Pack Pilih Suka-Suka”, customers can easily choose from our arrays of Truly Unlimited internet packages options that provide UNLIMITED QUOTA, and NO FUP; our always popular Ultra Flex package, our Prepaid Unlimited package, and including Ultra-Combo package that we launched today.”

“Ultra-Combo package is properly designed to fit the needs of internet users in Indonesia with highest usage of social media and video. Easy and affordable, Ultra-Combo package offers huge, multiple quotas – main quota, plus 24 hours additional quota bonus, social media, night and YouTube quota. This package starts from IDR 65,000 for 15GB up to IDR 299,000 only for 100GB. Applicable for both Pre-paid Smartphones and Mobile Wi-Fi devices,” added Billy.

“We need to continue innovate and progress, and always strive to offer products that cater customers especially millennial generation who has limitless creativity and same time demand hassle free, user-friendly services options,” closed Billy.

Based on latest survey released by Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association 2017 (APJII), highest internet users are dominated by millennial generation 19-33 years old (49% of total 143 million internet users). Indonesia internet penetrations is as high as 74%.