Terms and Conditions:

  1. BOLT PLUS is a special additional package for BOLT Ultra Unlimited or BOLT Home Unlimited subscribers, with cost savings up to 40%.
  2. BOLT Ultra Unlimited or BOLT Home Unlimited subscribers can add up to 3 BOLT PLUS Products of any variants.
  3. For each added BOLT PLUS Package, Customers can purchase MiFi Aquila Max at a special price of Rp. 200,000 (normal price Rp.349.000).
  4. The BOLT PLUS product bill will be combined with its main product bill (BOLT Ultra Unlimited or BOLT Home Unlimited), and will be sent to Customer who subscribes to the main product.
  5. If the payment of the invoice is late, will be automatically terminated the service of all products, either the principal product or BOLT PLUS.

To subscribe, please visit nearest BOLTZone (click here for location), or contact our BOLTCare at 1500 595