Creative Internet Ala BOLT!

Jakarta, December 23, 2016 - Digital is a very interesting world, because it provides ample opportunity for students to explore many things. Various occasions so open, ranging from searching for information for learning, hobbies, leisure activities, even to seek business opportunities.

In order to realize a safe cyber environment for students in Indonesia, BOLT! 4G Ultra LTE held Workshop ‘Get Creative with Internet’ for Junior High School and Senior High School. Workshop held in SMPN 3 Depok on December 23, 2016 is the closing workshop for 2016.

Josef Lumbantobing, Head of Product Planning BOLT! said, "the aim that we held workshop to various schools is to equip the students to use the Internet for a variety of positive activities and spur creativity. We hope that can support students dreams for being a success at a young age.”

In addition to providing material on the use of the Internet, the workshop also celebrated with games and BOLT! booth for students to be able to access a variety of information on the internet and BOLT!’s services.

Previous workshops have been held in several schools, including SMA Charitas, SMA 91, SMA 49, SMA 66, SMA 13 and SMA 54. "We put this workshop as a concern and our commitment to the creation of a cyber environment is safe and comfortable for students. Therefore, in 2017, we continue planning to carry out these activities by reaching more schools in the scope services area of BOLT! 4G Ultra LTE,” added Josef.