Medan, March 11, 2015 - PT First Media Tbk, one of Indonesia's leading multimedia company, today officially launched 4G LTE service in the city of Medan. As the winner of broadband wireless licenses in Zone 1 (North Sumatra), PT First Media Tbk took the brand BOLT! Super 4G LTE in a super-fast internet service operates 4G LTE for the community field.

"Seeing an increasing need for fast Internet access at this time encouraged us to develop the technologies and services of 4G LTE in Indonesia. BOLT! Super 4G LTE is a brand that is strong and known success brings 4G services in the Greater Jakarta area. Together with BOLT! We will continue to do network expansion to reach approximately 5 million populations of Medan and surrounding areas, "said Irwan Djaja, Vice President Director of PT First Media Tbk.

Irwan Djaja further added, "With the presence of BOLT! Super 4G LTE is expected to serve as infrastructures that can improve people's lives and bring Indonesia go further to be able to compete with developed countries."

In a launch event at the Hotel Aryaduta Medan (11/03), Larry Ridwan, Chief Commercial Officer BOLT! Super 4G LTE, said that Medan became the first city in Sumatra who feel BOLT! internet access which is 10x faster. As one of the largest cities in Indonesia, Medan is a potential market for mobile broadband services. Based on data from Nielsen, the city of Medan has 719.0001 internet users in 2014.

"Initially, we predict that there is a potential of 1.5 million subscribers in the city of Medan and surrounding areas," said Larry.

BOLT! Super 4G LTE, a pioneer of internet service super-fast 4G LTE in Indonesia, successfully transform the way air-surf more than one million customers in Jabodetabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi) and is now expanding its service area to the city of Medan. "BOLT! Continues to innovate in the delivery of high speed internet services through a wide selection of 4G devices are sophisticated, but still retains the concept of value for money. With 4G technology, we want to assist the city of Medan to enjoy better Internet which allows users to perform video calls and video streaming without interruption and buffering, downloading large files in a short time, as well as browse the website easily and faster anywhere and anytime, "said Larry.


BOLT! Super 4G LTE is available in the Internet prepaid services under the brand BOLT! THUNDER with internet package prices ranging from IDR 25,000. Meanwhile, post-paid internet services with the PREMIUM brand BOLT! will also soon be available for customers in the field.

BOLT! Super 4G LTE provides wireless broadband services bundled internet through four types of devices, the USB modem, Mobile WiFi, 4G Smartphone (Powerphone) and a home router. 4G Mobile WiFi device capable of serving 8 connections simultaneously via smartphones, tablets and laptops. BOLT! Powerphone 4G is available in two devices, ie ZTE V9820 and IVO V5 are equipped with Dual SIM Dual Active (DSDA) which allows the internet and GSM numbers can actively make or receive calls simultaneously.

BOLT! Super 4G LTE is already available to customers which can be bought in BOLT! Zone, booth BOLT! in malls and stores like Okeshop, Global Teleshop, Sentra Mobile, Erafone, Mobile 1, Hypermart in Medan. For customer convenience, a rechargeable internet package BOLT! can be done through the website, BCA ATM, ATM Bersama, as well as at national and local channels in Medan.