General Requirements


  1. Before using Bolt Services, Customer is obliged to register to activate Bolt USIM Card
  2. Customer hereby guarantee that all data conveyed in the registration process is accurate, complete, and in accordance with current conditions. Customers are required to provide information updates to Bolt when there are changes / additional information, either with or without being asked by Bolt.
  3. After customer registration is successful, customer will receive User ID and Password to access to webself care on the URL User ID and Password will be emailed & SMS to customers who registered to Bolt system during registration.
  4. All consequences arising from misuse of the User ID and Password entirely the responsibility of the customer.

About BOLT! Services

  1. Bolt services can only be used after the customer do USIM Card Activation Bolt.
  2. Bolt service is only available in areas that are included in the scope of services Bolt.
  3. Bolt services provided by Provider-based wireless technology that are technically easily influenced, among others on the weather, frequency interference, contour Coverage Bolt services, and customer location.
  4. Provider Bolt strives to provide the best possible service, without a possibility that disruption to services Bolt may arise. Customer shall assist Service Provider to correct the interference Bolt, among others, by providing data / information that is accurate required by Provider.
  5. Providers are not responsible for correcting the disruption to services arising Bolt, among others:
    (a) the problem (either hardware or software) Customer-owned;
    (b) other third party devices;
    (c) other causes beyond the control of Provider.
  6. Bolt the services will be provided in some kind of Service Pack Bolt, with rates and conditions different packages.
  7. Provider reserves the right to regulation of rates that apply Service Pack Bolt (either package or promotion) as well as the amount of quota bonus.

Use of Bolt Service

  1. Customer shall be responsible for use of the Service Bolt, Bolt Services including if used by any party other than the customer.
  2. In using the Service Bolt, Customer will comply with all laws and regulations applicable in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia and will not perform actions that could harm any party, including but not limited to:
    (i) interfere with or damage a network, equipment, or computer systems;
    (ii) interfere with, transmit, or spread the virus to the network, equipment, and / or computer systems;
    (iii) spamming, or sending messages, including e-mail repeatedly irresponsibly;
    (iv) forge e-mail headers or other illegal methods used with the aim of falsifying identity of the customer or other user or for any other unlawful purpose;
    (v) infringement of intellectual property;
    (vi) perform actions that violate the norms of decency, SARA, and / or actions that constitute a violation of the laws and regulations applicable in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia
  3. Providers are not responsible for information and / or any data transmitted via the Service Bolt including but not limited to the truth, confidentiality or the quality of information and / or data.
  4. Customers are solely responsible for the risks, losses and / or violations that occurred during the use of services and customer Bolt hereby release Provider from any claims, lawsuits and / or demand compensation from any party for the use Bolt Services.

Bolt Service Pack and Active Period

  1. Customers can select the appropriate Service Pack Bolt with customer needs.
  2. In the case of the quota of data packets over Service Pack Bolt has run out and is still in Active Period, Customer can reload Service Pack Bolt Bolt to keep using the Service.
  3. If customers reload Service Pack Bolt before the expiration of the Active Period quota remaining packet data (if any) will be accumulated into refill the Service Pack Bolt.
  4. In the case of Active Period has expired and not renewed, while the customer still has a quota of data packets, it is automatically Service Bolt can not be used by the Customer and the Customer is required to reload Service Pack Bolt, with quotas for data packets remaining will be forfeited and will not be Rechargeable accumulated into the new Service Pack Bolt.
  5. Service Pack Bolt can change at any time in accordance with the promo every 3 months.

Terms and Conditions of Internet Package

Super Flex Internet Package

  1. Tax is already included in the price.
  2. Quota(main quota and bonus quota) can be used for 24 hours
  3. Main quota and Social Media bonus quota valid for 30 days.
  4. Social Media bonus quota can be claimed via MyBOLT apps (latest version), with claim period 7 days after customer get the bonus notification via email. Please click here, for details information about how to claim the bonus.
  5. Social Media bonus quota can be used for Facebook, Twitter, Path, Instagram, WhatsApp, LINE, BBM & Kakao Talk (Include voice & video call).
  6. At the time when Auto Renewal service is activated, the internet package will be renewed automatically at the end of period and the remaining quota will be accumulated.
  7. Social Media bonus quota can't be accumulated.

Super Bonus Internet Package

  1. The total quota is composed of Main and Bonus Quota Quota.
  2. Internet Package price includes tax.
  3. Main quota validity period is 30/180/365 days and the bonus quota is 30 days from the activation of the Internet package.
  4. Quota is a bonus promo, any time can be changed in accordance with the applicable provisions on the bonus quota.
  5. Bonus quotas can be used at 01:00 until 8:00 pm.
  6. Bonus quotas will be accumulated only with the same package and follow the longest active period.
  7. At the time of active autorenewal Services, Main quota will accumulate and automatically renewed at the end of the package.
  8. Auto Renewal every hour 02:00 pm at the end of the package.

Super Streaming Internet Package

  1. Super Streaming Package is a package promo during Ramadan
  2. Price include taxes
  3. Main Quota period valid for 30 days
  4. Main Quota and Bonus Quota can be used for 24 hours
  5. Bonus Quota of 1GB/day will be reset every day for 30 days and cannot be accumulated
  6. Bonus Quota 1GB/day can only be used to access Youtube, Netflix, FMX, KlikFilm and Google Play via Website/App (IOS/Android)
  7. Google Services (Gmail,Map,Drive,etc) will also use 1GB/day Bonus Quota
  8. When 1GB/day Bonus Quota run out, system will immediately using the Main Quota
  9. Main Quota Maximum speed is up to 100Mbps for Download and up to 10Mbps for Upload
  10. Bonus Quota Maximum speed is up to 10Mbps for Download and up to 10Mbps for Upload

Lifestyle Add On Package

  • Prince include VAT
  • Subscriber need to have Basic Data Plan (Superflex, SuperBonus, Super Streaming Or Premium Basic) to be able to buy Lifestyle Add On. This rule is not apply for Postpaid subscribers.
  • Unlimited without FUP and Kuota
  • Lifestyle Package applied for Prepaid & Postpaid Package
  • Maximum Speed for Unlimited Lifestyle :
  • Lifestyle Package can be purchased Multiple time and will use the longest validity
  • Unlimited applied to access Website and application including Voice dan Video Call.
  • If the subscriber accessing other site beside the specified site or application such as youtube, vimeo, etc , then the quota will be consumed is main quota/bonus quota (if any)/pulsa (balance).
  • If the subscriber accessing other site beside the specified site or application such as youtube, vimeo, etc , then the quota to be consumed is main quota/bonus quota (if any)/pulsa (balance).
  • Package can be purchased via Webselfcare / Mybolt App